Update on life

It’s been a busy week or two, hence the lack of posting.  I’ve been making up a wholesale order for a real live bookshop who are trialing some products, so yay! I really hope that works, it would be very cool if it did.

I’m also working hard to get stock ready for a show! My first one, so I’m nervous. It’s called Reveal Showcase 09, it’s taking place in Henley on the 3-6 of December, and it looks completely awesome! Hopefully I won’t lower the tone. But I need to get some stock built up before then, and it’s not far away.

Here’s the link for the show – If you live in and around Berkshire or Oxfordshire, I’d recommend a day out Christmas shopping there:

Reveal Showcase 09 and a gallery of images here

So, that’s the next two weeks for me booked up. Oh, and I have a commission to be ready next week. It feels good to be busy, although the consequences sometimes are that I don’t manage to wash for a couple of days. I know, that’s slightly disgusting but by the time it gets to 4pm I think, well, I’ll just leave it now and wait till tomorrow.

I’m usually quite clean though!

How did I get on to bathing habits?

So, anyway. I also have a new item or two. Here’s a couple of awesome badges I made yesterday, now for sale on my shop.