Creating chaos from order

This weekend went by in a blur of slicing, punching and stamping. No, I have not become a member of Fight Club – all the violence was directed at bits of paper, as I ploughed my way through an order for 300 (300!) paper decorations.  It did concentrate my mind, and I devised a hand protector made of a foam and sellotape, and a new way of punching holes.

Remind me to get on Ebay after this and get an industrial strength hole punch.

During my decoration-fest, I listened to all the episodes of Cabin Pressure, some of them several times (downloadable for peanuts here).  I also ate a lot of Nakd bars, which are a sort of concentrated fruit and nut mush bar. I know what you’re thinking: ‘Yummy! Mush, my favourite!’. They are tasty, believe me.

Here are a couple of pictures of the massive pile of decorations, plus a picture of my very untidy workbench on Sunday night.


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