Folksy Friday – grey edition

A double rainbow graced the skies of Reading yesterday evening, shimmering against the dark grey clouds. We stood outside and got rained on and looked up at it. I wanted to grab the passers-by and people in their cars going home from work and point it out to them and make them look, but of course I didn’t.

Today it’s cold and windy and raining; I like it. The greyness is appealing, if only because it makes the virginia creeper hanging from the apple tree glow like its lit from within. It sets off rainbows well too.

Handprinted pale grey and ivory dragon cushion £35.00 by Helkat Designs

Felt clock by Kelly Conner (seller is on holiday)

Grey notebook by Kate Bowles – £15

Handmade 100% Liberty cotton riding stock by Topstocks – £29.00

Tourmaline and silver ring by JAusten – £30.00

Grey cashmere coat by FashionCouture – £169

Okay, now I’m greyed out and loving it. Bye for now x


8 thoughts on “Folksy Friday – grey edition

    • bookity says:

      You’re welcome! I love your designs, they are so fabulous. Do you sell on other places apart from Folksy? I’m just curious really – I would love Folksy to have more clothing on it.

    • bookity says:

      Me too – I am having quiet little fantasies about wearing the coat and ring and scarf all together and looking fabulous. Maybe one day when I’ve made my fortune.

    • bookity says:

      Aha, I was wondering if the J in your name stood for Jane. 🙂

      I think the ring is very lovely – it’s the subtle colours that make it so special I think.

      I’m glad to have found your shop!

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