So, I’m 40 now. I’m not having a midlife crisis yet. Although, maybe I had one already and didn’t realise?

Several things:

– I’m probably far too excited about the prospect of watching the Winter Olympics on my television.

– I hate having birthday parties and would much rather go to someone else’s.

– I believe all jobs should have inbuilt time for sitting around thinking.

– My sewing machine hates me.

– Bunting.

Yes, I’m experimenting with bunting. Because of my book-destroying activities, I have a lot of book innards sitting around in my workroom, and I struck on the idea of making paper bunting with it. It would be fine indoors, to decorate rooms for parties and weddings, etc, which I assume a lot of bunting is used for. Only, I wonder if there’s some way to make it waterproof so it can be used outside? Apart from encasing it in lots of expensive and fiddly to sew vinyl, that is.

Laminating, that office procedure of the Devil, is another option but I can’t help thinking laminated bunting might looks a bit like you were decorating your house with supermarket price banners. What I really need is some super-duper teflon spray in a can. I wonder if this even exists? Time to go a googlin’.

I’ll leave you with this Jane Austen bag, which I made this week for a commission:


3 thoughts on “Friday

    • bookity says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. The rest of the time I barely even think about Super G Slaloms or the Skeleton Luge!

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