Update on life, the universe and everything

It’s Saturday. I haven’t had any sales yet today, which plunges me into stark despair.

I’m also worried about post strikes making people less likely to buy online at the moment. If I was very high volume I would be more worried, but the Royal Mail assures us that it always prioritises its Special Delivery during strikes, so it’s an option for me to send parcels in the UK and abroad for a relatively small price.  I hope people keep buying.

I have so many ideas for new products I literally don’t know what to do first. My desk looks like an argument between a giant pot of glue and a cotton reel. My shelving is totally inadequate. I can never find my tape measure. I have snowflake confetti glued to my hair. God, I love this job.

Today I listed two really great bags, both made from children’s books:

swiss bag

secret seven bag

Today I also made 10 literary badges. Tomorrow I have a bag to make and I really need to sort of my ebay stuff.  I also NEED to go the gym. And watch tennis on the internets. Looks like either another early start or another late night.


4 thoughts on “Update on life, the universe and everything

  1. I just stumbled onto your blog. Really nice bags! And I know what you mean about storage. I’m not sure any amount of shelves would be enough for me!

    I love the title of this post too.

    • bookity says:

      Hi Kristen! Nice to meet you. Shelving is one of those eternal woes, isn’t it? When does anyone ever have too many shelves? Never, I say.

  2. Louise… I love you so much… I think you are a genius, and I’m so pleased you are going for it at last….. better stop before I make myself sick on sugar. Can you teach me how to use twitter? I promise to follow you xxxx

    • bookity says:

      I’m beaming now! Thank you!

      I can teach you about Twitter – sign up and then I think it even searches your email account if you let it, to tell you who else you know has one. I’m bookityshop there. And then you post randomness and all sorts of whatever you like. The best thing about it is if you follow Stephen Fry, he will follow you back. It’s awesome!

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