Work log

I’ve decided–literally right now– to record what I do each day as an attempt at making my working practices less chaotic. I have a plan, most days, but it’s easy to lose focus when a new and shiny idea comes along, or Dani calls and says ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could make such-and-such’.

Today I did repairs on a bag that was an early attempt. Its now stronger and holds its shape better.

I glued the lining into the DoD book and left it to dry. Fiddled with handles of same.  Finished tomorrow.

I cut out, stitched and glued in the side pieces of the Dahl book. It should be ready to finish tomorrow.

Bought and tested stamps and inkpads for my planned Shakespeare cards. These are only planned as in ‘there are going to be some Shakespeare cards at some point’.

Pratted about in the rain fetching stuff.

Spent a while examining design of cardholders in TK Maxx. I’m gonna make a prototype.

Did my ebay mail.

Renewed something on etsy.

To do: mark and cut out pieces for TB.

Also to do – find a cardholder free pattern.


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