Wooden handle saga

One solution for my handle problem: I’ve been reduced to buying secondhand bags on ebay that have handles I like and then detaching the handles from them. Is that wasteful or what? But the bags cost less than new wooden handles do. I think the UK has some sort of bag handle supply  problem, honestly. The decent ones for sale here seem to be really marked up a lot, both plastic and wood.

I’d make the damn things myself if I had, oh, a workshop full of power tools and a bandsaw. And a linisher. And a lathe. So, yeah. Ebay it is.


One thought on “Wooden handle saga

  1. No, definitely not! You’re thriftily recycling which is always of the good. 🙂

    I’ve noticed this too. One of my (looooooong term) projects is creating an embroidered evening bag for my twin (I fell in love with this quilting cotton with the most fantastic colour mix of blue/purple/lime green and found some awesome lime green ‘gold’work embroidery threads that go with it). I went looking for some bag handles and all the ones I really really liked were £15 – 25. Daylight robbery! I came to the same conclusion as you – best to buy a second hand one off eBay or a charity shop. The price of the plastic ones especially surprised me. The bamboo and wood ones I can understand but expensive plastic? Huh.

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