Adorable bag

I just made this adorable bag! I’m so happy with how it turned out. The only thing I wish was that wooden handles weren’t so expensive. I was fantasising about making my own. I’d only need a jigsaw and some sort of static belt sander or planisher, coat of varnish and Roberto’s your patron.

Birds of Norway bag


2 thoughts on “Adorable bag

  1. girl from michigan says:

    “…and Roberto’s your patron”

    love that.

    These are all so lovely and I’m envious of your skillz. I know you said you would consider commissions, so along those lines, could a person commission you and provide to you the book/material of their choice?

    ~ teresa, aka fedal_fangirl (because now I can stalk you on more then just LJ)

    • bookity says:

      Hi Teresa! I’m very excited you like the bags! Of course, I’d be so happy to do a commission. We could definitely work something out about how it could work – either I source the material/book of your choice here, or you send it me?

      If you email me at bookitylou [at] googlemail [dot] com we can discuss it further.

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